About Spazio

SPAZIO is a European formation and creation program for young dance makers, focused on the interdisciplinary character of the dance discipline. Planned during 2 years, SPAZIO is aiming to fill the gaps that exist because of the lack of qualitative and specialized education for contemporary dance makers and to build the necessary fundament of a bridge between that educational level and the professional field where young choreographers are heading too. It offers young makers a one year cycle of 5 residencies in all partner countries, through which they can experience the specific expertise the artistic networks of the partners possess.

Most European countries have good education for dancers nowadays, but what is a talented dancer without a dance piece to perform in? High level education for dance makers is what lacks in a lot of European countries. And more specific, education in contemporary dance creation that does justice to the way the dance discipline has established itself in the last years: as an art form that is in constant interaction with other (art)disciplines.

During the residencies the SPAZIO participants will be taught by professional European artists from different disciplines . They follow workshops, lectures, discussions, are coached in creative processes  and are challenged to create new work based on these experiences. At the same time the project opens up this network of artists and art works to the local communities of the partners, through open workshops, lectures, discussions and presentations, and invites them to get into a dialogue with all European artists and young makers involved.

SPAZIO builds a strong and sustainable European network of partners for the education on dance creation, to ensure a continuous flow of new generations of choreographers, that have a broad and interdisciplinary perspective on contemporary dance and bring new work to their countries.

SPAZIO is a project of the following European institutes:the International Choreographic Arts Centre (ICKamsterdam) – Amsterdam, the Netherlands; CSC DanceHouse – Bassano del Grappa, Italy; Croatian Institute for Movement and Dance – Zagreb, Croatia; Art Stations Foundation – Poznan, Poland.

SPAZIO is supported by the Culture Programme of the European Union.

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